Tamar Hoffman

Tamar is a dynamic educator and mental health expert with a wealth of experience across a range of educational and therapeutic settings. Her diverse background spans Intensive English Centres, detention facilities, high schools, specialised hospital educational programs, support units, and individual counselling services.

Tamar holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Theatre and Performance Studies, a Bachelor of Secondary Education, and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and she is uniquely equipped to address the holistic needs of both students and school staff.

As the founder of Growth in Education, a consultancy focused on educational wellbeing, Tamar is deeply committed to enriching the lives of teachers, clerical and professional staff, and their students.

Tamar is a passionate advocate for fostering a culture of wellbeing across the education sector, and she specialises in empowering teachers, and clerical and professional staff, to lead mental health programs and initiatives within their classrooms. She provides them with essential tools and strategies to sustain their own mental health, and to better support the mental health of their students.

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